What's going on? What do I need? When ? Where?
So what does NetRippers F.C. have going on?
  • Weekly Practices & Scrimmages (roughly March - November)
  • Recreational & Competitive Tournaments (Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, NYC, DC, ...)
  • Indoor & Outdoor Competitive Men's, Women's & Coed Teams
  • Social & Community Benefit Events (from hosting youth clinics and tournaments, to movie nights and ski trips)
Bring shin-guards, water, sunscreen, cleats, and two shirts -- one white, and one dark blue/black.   That's it!!
We love to have fun, but we also like to win!  For practices & scrimmages there really isn't any commitment - just come out when you can and have a good time.  However, for our competitive teams, commitment is crucial and we have waitlists to join these teams, so multiple no-shows without warning your team manager can get you kicked off a competitive team.
There are. Please refer to the membership page for more information.
Times and fields can change due to availability. To be up on the latest with respect to practices/scrimmages/tournament info and new teams and leagues forming, please ask us to add your email to the NetRippers Listserve for weekly updates. Join our listserve by sending an email to info@netrippers.org or sign up via our Contact page.
No problem -- Practices and Scrimmages are open to all levels, and you'll find a good mix of beginner and advanced players. We also have a number of good mentors, so come on out!
Yes we do! We have womens outdoor and indoor teams. Also, we have women participating in practices/scrimmages, tournaments, and coed teams. We have already helped send a women’s team to Festival of the Babes!
Come out to practice/scrimmages and let us know you're interested in joining a competitive team. There is a waitlist to get on a competitive team, and we do require certain skills that the team managers will be able to explain and try to help you with.
Although our first love is the sport, this is a very fun loving and community-involved group. From helping out with youth soccer tournaments and hosting summer clinics for gay teens, to nights out on the town or watching Avenue Q together, we have a great time and do whatever we can to bring people together. Our board has requested that our Social Chair (Jon) be responsible for at least 4 community benefits and 4 major social events per year. To make recommendations for community benefits or to join our social listserve, please send your name and email to: info@netrippers.org
Board Members for 2013
  • Chair: Sammy R
  • Vice-Chair: Andrea S
  • Treasurer: Lauren B
  • Secretary: Brandon A
  • Social & Community Benefit Chair: Erin K
  • Special Projects Coordinators: Jase L, Jocelin H, Sarah K, Eliza D
  • If you would like to see the minutes from any Board Meeting, please contact the Secretary at info@netrippers.org
    The best way to contact us is: by sending an email using our contact form Contact Us
    Come out and play!
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