NetRippers Football Club – Portland


Who We Are

NetRippers F.C. is a growing, local grass roots organization striving to create Portland’s first LGBTQ soccer league. Through a partnership with our community, our goal is to promote the game of soccer for an under-represented group in the Portland metro area. Founded in February 2006, NetRippers F.C. promotes a thrilling international sport lacking from our community.


The mission of our organization is to attract players of all skill levels, encourage team building, expand our sense of community, and promote health and wellness through exciting recreational and competitive soccer.

NRFC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.


2019 Board Members

  • Chair: Kim Bowen 

  • Vice Chair: Andy Duchossois

  • Executive Director: Max Wedding

  • Secretary: Ayano Healy

  • Treasurer: Haley Wilde

    If you would like to see the minutes from any Board Meeting, please contact the Secretary at


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